One-Dimensional Motion Control Experimental Platform  (#01452)

One-dimensional workbench is a typical body widely used in industry, mainly including mechanical structure and AC servo motor. Mechanical structure includes a ball screw, linear slide group, linear bearings and flexible coupling, and so on. The experimental platform is a typical control object in the field of automatic control, which can be used in the research and verification of PID algorithm, and the characteristics of the system.

Experiments are available: time response experiments (including input signals, output signals, error curves), frequency characteristic test (frequency characteristic test under harmonic input), frequency characteristics under typical input (unit pulse / step) excitation (Including Nyquist and Bode diagrams), mathematic models based on frequency characteristic Bode diagram identification system, stability index, control experiment (design control algorithm). Software system and Matlab / Simulink seamless connection, you can also use Matlab to write codes to extend certain functions.