Super Carrier Board  (#27130)

Low-cost through-hole development board for the BASIC Stamp 1 (BS1-IC) and the 24-pin BASIC Stamp 2 series microcontrollers (BS2-IC, BS2E-IC, BS2SX-IC, BS2P24, BS2PE, and BS2PX24), and Javelin Stamp modules. This board is often used for experiments and permanent BASIC Stamp projects soldered to the through-hole area. A number of protective enclosures are also available to finalize your project.

Key Features:

- 14-pin SIP socket and 24-pin DIP socket supports BS1 and all 24-pin BASIC Stamp 2
- 3-pin programming connection for BASIC Stamp 1 programing via BASIC Stamp 1 Serial
  Adapter (#27111)
- Serial DB9 connector for programming all BASIC Stamp 2 modules
- 9-volt battery clips and power jack provide flexible power supply options
- Monentary-push button for resetting BASIC Stamp
- Solder-hole area (1.5" x 2.0") arranged to easily support servos, 300 and 600 mil DIP ICs, DB9,
  DB25, RJ-11 connectors
- Reset Button