Gyroscope Module 3-Axis L3G4200D  (#27911)

Raw angular rate and temperature data measurements are accessed from the selectable digital I2C or SPI interface. The small package design and SIP interface accompanied by the mounting hole make the sensor easy to integrate into your projects. Designed to be used with a variety of microcontrollers, the module has a large operating voltage window.

Key Features:

3-axis angular rate sensor (yaw, pitch & roll) make it great for model aircraft navigation systems.
Supports both I2C and SPI for whichever method of communication you desire.
Three selectable scales: 250/500/2000 degrees/sec (dps)
Embedded power down and sleep mode to minimize current draw
16 bit-rate value data output
8-bit temperature data output

Application Ideas:

UAV, IMU systems
3D motion control
Virtual reality input devices