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Gas Sensor Board  (#27983)

The Gas Sensor Board is designed to work in conjunction with one of the gas sensors listed below (not included) allowing you to determine when a preset gas level has been reached or exceeded.

- CO (Carbon Monoxide) Gas Sensor (#605-00007)
- CH4 (Methane) Gas Sensor (#605-00008)
- LPG (Propane) Gas Sensor (#605-00009)
- C2H5OH (Alcohol) Gas Sensor (#605-00011)

The gas sensor simply plugs into the Gas Sensor Board, making it easy to use these sensors in embedded projects. The board can interface to a microcontroller with only two I/O pins, allowing the sensor to be controlled and monitored automatically.

Key Features:

- SIP header interface with 0.1" spacing for easy connection to prototyping boards or extension
- Controllable internal heater facilitates accurate measurements
- Low-power standby mode reduces power usage for embedded projects
- Only two microcontroller I/O pins required for operation

Application Ideas:

- Gas level over-limit alarm
- Stand-alone/background sensing device
- Environmental monitoring equipment