SF02 Laser Rangefinder - 50m  (#28043)

Lightware’s SF02 is a lightweight laser rangefinder module that provides fast and accurate distance measurements from 0-50 meters (0 to 164 feet). Using pulsed-laser time-of-flight measurements, the SF02 is not affected by wind, noise, ambient light, terrain, air temperature, or changes in barometric pressure. This sensor works both indoors and outdoors.

For a quick test, simply connect the SF02’s USB port to your computer and open a serial terminal. Set your terminal to 115,200 kbps and distances are immediately available.

Key Features:

- Laser accurately detects surfaces and measures distance up to 50 meters (164 feet) where
  ultrasonic and infrared distance sensing are inadequate
- Outputs 32 readings per second for quick data refresh
- Supports USB, analog and digital interfaces for a variety of applications
- No calibration required – ready to use right out of the box
- Configurable voltage output and ground/object proximity alarm settings

Application Ideas:

- Distance detection for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) between craft and ground
- Calculating speed of moving objects or vehicles
- Measuring depth of materials (snow, fluid, sand) from above
- Counting passing objects

Please Note: 50m range is for units using Rev 3+ firmware only. For those using earlier firmware versions, maximum range is 40m (130ft). See Lightware's website for more details.


The SF02 is a Class 1M laser under Food and Drug Administration Guidelines. Class 1M lasers are considered non-hazardous unless viewed with optical aids including magnifiers, binoculars or telescopes.