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PropCAM-DB  (#28320)

The PropCAM-DB is a daughterboard that gives black-and-white (grayscale) vision to Parallax Propeller-based systems, using the DB-Expander (#28325) adapter.

Images captured by the PropCAM can be output to a display, or examined and manipulated for use by machine and robotic vision applications.

Key Features:

- 128 x 96-pixel digital grayscale (8-bit) image sensor, using as few as 6144 bytes of Propeller
  RAM for an image (4-bit pixels)
- 3.6mm focal-length lens
- Fast real-time imaging and individual snapshots, with shutter speeds down to 200
- Simultaneous exposure of all pixels: no “rolling shutter” artifacts
- Direct connection to Propeller chip: no intermediate controller required
- Uses Kodak KAC9360 sensor, whose full datasheet is readily available without a non-
  disclosure agreement, permitting user modification of open-source driver firmware
- Mezzanine socket suitable for strobes and other accessories.

Application Ideas:

- Vision-based inspection systems
- Motion detection
- Ham radio TV transmission

NOTE: This product comprises a limited edition of 1500 units total. The package label indicates how far into the total edition each unit represents. This information is provided to help customers plan for the PropCAM's inevitable end-of-life, so they won't be caught short.