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VPN1513 GPS Smart Module with External Antenna  (#28510)

This VPN1513 GPS Smart Module provides a complete GPS solution for your electronics projects. This high-quality, highly sensitive GPS receiver includes an external antenna, status LED, and a rechargeable battery back-up. An on-board voltage regulator makes it ready to use with 3.3 V and 5 V microcontrollers.

The GPS Smart Module features a simple command set for accessing NMEA 0183 GPS data. Example programs in PBASIC, Arduino, Propeller Spin, and Propeller C will help you add the GPS module to your microcontroller project. The module's on-board Propeller co-processor with 64 KB EEPROM can be reprogrammed for custom, stand-alone projects.

Feel free to experiment — the factory firmware is available for free download.

Key Features:

- High-performance SiRF chipset provides 20 parallel satellite tracking channels
- Status LED blinks to show you when satellite fix is achieved
- On-board multicore Propeller co-processor easily interfaces with your microcontroller
- Breadboard-friendly 4-pin SIP header quickly connects to your projects
- External GPS antenna with SMA connector is included

Application Ideas:

- Geocaching adventures
- Robotics navigation
- Fleet management
- Surveying