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Reconfigurable Integrated Electromechanical Training System  (#31961)

Reconfigurable electromechanical platform is to change the traditional experimental teaching model with the actual engineering control object combination of design and innovative experimental model. It is focusing on cultivating students' innovative ability and practical ability to improve students' theory with practice, science-led engineering. We try to cultivate the needs of the community to lay a solid foundation for talent and to foster innovative ideas. To achieve the above objectives, the establishment of reconfigurable mechanical and electrical innovation laboratory is a priority.

In order to meet the needs of mechanical and electrical engineering curriculum design, we develop a set of modules composed of single-chip measurement and control card, stepping motor and sensor, etc., from sensor signal acquisition, motor drive, mechanical transmission, single-chip programming, PC programming and other knowledge points Design of a modular and modular building - reconfigurable integrated training electromechanical platform. Students can use the platform kit, their own assembly to achieve simple CNC devices, such as X-Y plotter, automatic warehouse, inverted pendulum and other small mechanical and electrical monitoring and control devices.