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Motion Control Card  (#37161)

The motion control card consists of a CortexTM-M3-based 32-bit microcontroller and an I / O control interface. Onboard 8 ADC input, 2 DC motor drive, up to 16 PWM output, 2 encoder interface, 16 digital IO. Support 10M Ethernet communication, support USB2.0 full speed interface. Using the USB interface and the host computer to communicate, to complete the 2-way DC motor control, 16 digital input and output, access digital IO module can be extended 32 digital input and output, with stepper motor driver can control up to 16 road machine , And 8-way slow variable signal acquisition and other functions. Motion control module and three-degree-of-freedom rectangular coordinate manipulator, motion control platform test system, tank level control system, club system and so on can complete a variety of open-loop motion control experiment.