Measurement and Circuit Control Experimental Box  (#47476)

The measurement and control circuit test box can deepen the students' understanding of the knowledge of the "monitoring and control circuit", and in the course of the experiment, through the signal picking, conversion, analysis, training students basic operational skills and practical ability. There are a total of 16 experimental and extended application part.

The experiment box introduces the differential amplifier in the measurement and control system, the signal amplification circuit, the signal operation circuit, the voltage comparison circuit, the signal modulation and demodulation circuit, the signal separation circuit, the signal breakdown circuit and the continuous signal control circuit. In fact, the measurement and control circuit is analog electronic technology and digital electronic technology to further extend and expand, mainly to discuss some of the typical common circuit applications. And can be combined with DRVI fast reconfigurable virtual instrument platform, data acquisition instrument, to complete the signal analysis and signal processing experiments, so that students from the signal - voltage - software, the whole process has a more detailed understanding of their own hands-on design software script , Cultivate hobbies, from learning to have fun.