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BASIC Stamp 1 Microcontroller Module  (#BS1-IC)

It's amazing what you can accomplish with this proven microcontroller and its simple PBASIC 1 language. All vital components (processor, clock source, memory, power regulator) are provided on the BS1's tiny PCB; just connect power and go! The BASIC StampĀ® 1 (BS1-IC) is an ideal fit for applications that don't require the extra speed, I/O, and memory of the BASIC Stamp 2 series of microcontrollers.

Projects needing prototyping areas for circuitry may benefit from the BASIC Stamp 1 Project Board or Super Carrier Board. For lower-cost OEM solutions, the processor (PBASIC1 interpreter) and other components are available for integration into your PCB.

For customers that require a more powerful microcontroller, we highly recommend the BASIC Stamp 2 series controllers. If true multi-processing is what is needed for your project or applications, then the Propeller microcontroller is the best option.

Key Features:

- Small form factor fits into tight places
- Nonvolatile memory holds up to 80 instructions even without power
- BASIC commands are easy to learn and remember
- Industrial rated