Propeller Chip - 44-Pin QFN Chip  (#P8X32A-M44)

The Propeller chip is a multicore microcontroller that is programmable in high-level languages (Spin™ and C) as well as a low-level (Propeller assembly) language. Application development is simplified by using the set of pre-built objects for video (NTSC/PAL/VGA), mice, keyboards, LCDs, stepper motors and sensors.

The Propeller is designed with an emphasis on general-purpose use, with powerful capabilities that are great for customized high-speed embedded processing, while maintaining low power, low current consumption and a small physical footprint. The Propeller's processors are all identical, each with its own separate memory, and each with an identical interface to all 32 I/O pins and internal shared memory. The architecture is built for swift processing of asynchronous events, equal access to internal and external resources, and dynamic speed and power when it's needed.

The P8X32A-M44 is our smallest Propeller package type; useful for production-level SMT-based circuits. The Propeller is easily connected to your computer's serial or USB port for programming using our Prop Plug. The Propeller chip can run on its own with a 3.3-volt power supply, internal clock, and with its internal RAM for code storage. Add an external EEPROM for non-volatile code storage and an external clock source for accurate timing.

Key Features:

- Multicore processing simplifies designs subject to asynchronous requirements
- QFN package for smallest footprint circuits
- Built-in Spin language is easy to learn
- PropGCC support provides a familiar feel for C/C++ programmers
- Propeller Assembly language supports deterministic timing using single-path, multi-decision
- Internal or external clock sources provide flexible speed options